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Let's Send President Trump Reinforcements!

We Need To Fight Back Against Socialism Before It's Too Late. Let's Get To Work!

I'm Matthew Ridenhour, a Christian, husband, father, Marine veteran, public servant, and man of integrity, dedicated to the Constitution, with a record of conservative achievements, for North Carolina's 9th Congressional District.



Let's talk about the issues


I will support the President’s push to secure our borders with a wall, and I will oppose all amnesty initiatives. Our laws must be respected.

Spending and Debt

The US government has amassed more than $22 trillion in debt. That’s almost $70,000 owed by every American citizen. It's time for serious cuts.

Protecting the Unborn

Every single person was knitted together by God in their mother’s womb. I am pro-life and believe in defending the unborn.

Fixing the VA

I stand with President Trump on his initiative to fix the VA healthcare system. Our servicemen and women earned the best care money can buy.

Foreign Policy

I agree with President Trump, we have to deal with threats like ISIS swiftly and with overwhelming force. But we must say no to endless war and those who advocate for it.

Cutting Taxes

As calls for socialism grow louder, we must stand together to stop all tax increases used to fund unamerican socialist programs. We're taxed enough already!

2nd Amendment

Liberty does not come in pieces of Washington D.C’s choosing. We must maintain our freedom. I will oppose any infringements on the Second Amendment.

Audit the Fed

Our money loses more value year after year. Transparency and oversight must be established. I will fight for a full and complete audit of the Federal Reserve.


Until Election Day, May 14th



What other politicians have to say about me...

I'm proud to endorse Matthew Ridenhour. He stands on principle, stands for liberty, never retreats, and will bring a strong conservative record to congress.

Rand Paul

us senator, kentucky

I believe Matthew Ridenhour would be an effective Representative. He has business experience and is a former Marine, a good match against Dan McCready.

Robert Pittenger


Matthew represents the best of Charlotte. A conservative unafraid of standing up for his principles, but not too proud to reach across the aisle to get the job done.

Tariq Bokhari

Charlotte City Council


Frequently asked questions

What makes you the best match against Dan McCready?

Like McCready, I'm also a Marine from Charlotte. The difference is, I'm not afraid to take a position on the issues. I've got an established track record of success in public service, zero scandals, and am one of the only GOP candidates with national support.

Do you support President Trump?

As a Marine, I took an oath to uphold and defend the US Constitution. President Trump has been the victim of a witch hunt of unbelievable proportions. I believe he has a heart for America and our people and I support his mission to Make America Great Again.

What experience qualifies you to serve in Congress?

11 years in the US Marine Corps. 2 tours of combat in Iraq. 6 years on the Mecklenburg County Commission. 9 years of corporate business experience. Married with two children.

Who is funding your campaign?

Our campaign is powered by hundreds of small donors and volunteers, people just like you. I'm not a millionaire, and I don't represent corporate interests. Our people come first.


Let's Send President Trump Reinforcements Today!

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